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The Bucksure Rewards programme offers you extensive access to a range of exciting assist services

Bucksure Rewards is a market leader in the assist service programme in South Africa. All of our offerings are strategically put together to create an overall solution with a key focus on the objective of adding value to the lives of our clientele. We have taken a more efficient and stream- lined approach in order to make the programme measurable by putting in place personalised profiles to request a service at a touch of a button with a timely response.

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At Bucksure Rewards, we offer you an extensive range of products and services that are tailored made to suit you.

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  • Bucksure
  • 13 Sep

4 Essential Things to Know About Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is something that we have all heard about at one point or the other but, how many of us understand it? Here are four essential things you need to . . .

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  • Bucksure
  • 13 Sep

Advantages of using Vouchers What are vouchers?

What are vouchers? A voucher either a small printed piece of paper or a virtually generated code that entitles the holder to a discount that may be exchanged for goods . . .

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  • Bucksure
  • 13 Sep

Welcome to Bucksure Rewards

The Bucksure Rewards programme offers you ample access to assist services that were well thought out by our team of professionals to provide for your individual . . .

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