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Bucksure Rewards Services

Concierge helpdesk

Attends to your request immediately

The concierge helpdesk attends to requests which involve sourcing, arranging or booking of various services, errands and requests. The requests vary from one client to another but the most common requirements are:

Accommodation, car hire and flight reservations

  • Entertainment and restaurant reservations
  • Passport and Visa enquiries
  • General tourist information
  • Parent assistance…


Tutor assistance

An after-hours homework help line

This service provides an after-hours homework helpline where qualified tutors assist learners with their homework or project queries. It provides access to telephonic internet and any information supplied through the internet can be forwarded to the learner by courier service or fax. Tutor line will provide parents with peace of mind that either due to circumstance or unavailability, professional assistance and guidance will be accessible to their children at agreed hours 5 days a week. All services are available for primary and secondary school students…

Assault, Trauma and HIV Protect

Is a 24 hour emergency assistance helpline to be used in the event of trauma and/or assault and/or HIV infection.

  • Trauma and assault- arranges the nearest local emergency assistance service for the member as well as providing emergency medical transport to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility, where necessary the member will be stabilised before transportation is provided. 
  • HIV protection treatment- provides members with peace of mind in the event of violent forms of assault such as rape or accidental exposure such as a needle prick with a contaminated needle. The member or his/her family has access to hospital care, treatment and diagnostic regimes for the management of the consequences.

The HIV protection- treatment enables the member to make use of, at his/her own discretion the following services:

  • 24 hour access to trauma counsellors… 
  • The consultations (per incident) with a specialist. 
  • Three HIV blood tests (per incident).

Bail Protect

Provides you with assistance in posting bail following the arrest of a minor crime.

  • Relief-members have peace of mind knowing that we are available 24/7 to post bail on their behalf. 
  • Recoveries - members do not have to worry about having funds available or being able to access them as we will post bail of up to R3000 on their behalf. 
  • Representation-our expert team will provide you with full administrative support.You will be

covered in typical cases such as:

  • Road traffic offenses such as neglecting to pay speeding fines.
  • Failure to appear in court to defend such traffic offences. 
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol… 
  • Common assault. 
  • Shoplifting or theft where the amount is less than R2500. 
  • Fraud where the value involved does not exceed R2500. 
  • Illicit possession of marijuana where the amount does not exceed 115 grams. 
  • Drinking in public. 
  • Public disturbance.


Exclusive tailor made deals, vouchers and discounts from top retailers nationwide.

  • Monthly deals that are available from various merchants nationwide. Categories of vouchers include food, dining, airtime, entertainment, beauty, fashion, shopping and travel. 
  • Vouchers can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices bringing offers and deals to the fingertips of members. - 24/7 contact centre for customer care and queries. 
  • Frequently asked questions and terms and conditions will be available to every client on request…


Our home assistance programme provides assistance to the member when you are involved in a home emergency. A home emergency means a sudden, unexpected and/or unforeseen event at the eligible residence requiring the immediate and/or urgent services of a domestic tradesman to limit/minimise or prevent further damage to the home.

Emergency services notification and call-out:

At a member’s request our Assist Contact Support Centre will relay a notification of emergencies to the Police, Traffic, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Security or any other emergency service provide.

Mobile notification services:

The member will receive an SMS notifying them of the update on their active case.

The home assistance programme shall entail the following emergency services to customer:

  • Plumbers 
  • Glaziers 
  • Electricians 
  • Locksmiths 
  • Tree Felling


Option A : When a family member passes away, simply contact the Contact Support Centre. Your nearest funeral services branch will then contact you within the next few minutes. When the funeral services conduct a funeral for you, you are assured of quality service and products. In addition, a discount of up to 10% is granted on the coffin and service fees provided the complete funeral service is done through our Funeral Assistance.

Option B

Members receive the following benefits:

  • R 500 discount when spending between R 4500 – 7499 on coffin and services.
  • R 1000 discount when spending more than R 7500 on the coffin and services.

Option C

Members receive the following benefits at a 10% discount:

Grave costs/ cremation costs Doctor’s fees for completion of cremation documents Minister’s, churchwarden’s and organist’s fees… Transport costs outside a radius of 30km from an AVBOB office Additional funeral leaflets in excess of 100.


Emergency services that are specifically designed to assist you in various roadside situations.

Road patrols- Services include: change of tire, fuel assistance, flat battery, replacement of battery and keys locked in vehicle assistance.

Locksmith services- in the event that your keys are locked inside the member’s vehicle, and accredited locksmith will be dispatched to the incident scene to open the vehicle.


24/7 trained emergency specialists to assist you when you need it the most.

Medical assistance and information hotline- trained medical personnel that are available to provide you with general medical information and advice, this is an advisory service only.

Emergency medical advice and assistance hotline- trained medical operators will guide a member through a medical-crisis situation by providing emergency advice or by organising for the member to receive the support required.

Emergency medical response- an appropriate road and/or air response will be undertaken utilising an ambulance, a rapid-response vehicle or a helicopter immediately to the scene of a medical emergency where appropriate life-saving support will be provided.

  • Medical Evacuation & Emergency Cover
  • Accidental Medical Expenses 
  • Hospitalisation Benefit 
  • Accidental Death & Disability 
  • Emergency Medical Advice